Expectations For Blind Dates

Finding the right girl or a right guy can be exciting and fun.

Here are some tips to make your mystery experience better and how to enjoy them!

Even though the matchmaker knows your likes and dislikes, make sure you go to a date without expectations.

It’s better to sit for a while, have a conversation and then decide the type of person you are expecting and then decide if it goes well.

And don’t be too worried about their looks – remember that personality always trumps looks in the long run.

If you had a previous conversation in the phone before the mystery experience, don’t decide already!

People can be better than what they say to you over the phone. Face to face conversations might be more interesting and surprising.

You might actually fall head over the heels just by their smile.

It may go good or bad. But it’s mysterious, so you are supposed to think well and worry less.

Don’t fuss over too much for it might give the wrong picture.

More importantly, have fun.

You have to have fun and the person who is sitting opposite you should have fun.

It may be a little awkward, as we all are socially awkward sometimes and it’s okay!

Remember it happens to everyone and people are not monsters.

It’s just that they are new and it may take some time to get used to them.

So keep it in mind, love at first sight, isn’t true in most cases – in fact it’s more likely that the entire concept is totally made up.

Stay positive and if it’s half a go from your side, you could go for a second date and relationships get better.

Opposite attracts and if you are the silent one and your mysterious date is outspoken, worry not.

It might actually become great, learning to connect with each other and the prospect of making things together.

Dating can be a learning experience along with fun!

Be courageous!

Yes, your date is a stranger and yes it gets a little scary.

But come on, unknown is mysterious and mystery experiences are fiery sometimes.

You might notice that your blind date could be an inch smaller or a little stout or a little darker than the picture that was shown you.

And you might feel let down and hopeless.

But we are all human beings and we all want that special someone in our lives.

Love makes people do things and so just let it go.

Dress up!

Wear something comfortable and something that does not make you think of it again and again.

Feel good and confident and never be needy or insecure.

If you do not like the date, not even a little bit, it’s absolutely fine.

Give a performance as long as it does not look too fake, put a smile and decline kindly.

The intake of your alcohol should be at its limit.

Clarity is important and drinking too much doesn’t say much about your character.

But then, things happen, your mystery date may take another extra drink, nerves do that to everyone right?

And the most important fact, be YOU and be the real you.

Being honest and authentic speaks volumes.

Remember bad dates don’t mean it’s all over.

Be confident and keep your head held high.

Don’t be formal and try to be different, maybe try bumper cars or try some activities.

Talk about their dreams and aspirations because both of you are important.

Keep calm and have no expectations.

It always goes well, when you go without expectations.

Hope these tips have helped to have a better first blind date!