Being Technology Free For A Day

For most of us technology seems like something we can’t even think of living without.

In fact, our phones tend to be with us at all times and checking social media is something the majority of us do at least once every other hour.

You might be thinking right now, why would I ever want to quit technology?

This was my same thought until I found myself arguing with a colleague over the fact that he hadn’t  responded what I considered to be a really important text message.

“I just don’t use technology on Fridays”, he said calmly.

My jaw couldn’t help to drop open.

As I pride myself on being a curious cat and a always wanting to know more about all sort of mystery  experiences, I had to dig in deeper.

Doing some research I found out many people tend to spend a day off technology a month and some even take a day off every week.

While there are many different ways of doing this and various levels of restriction that may apply, all of  them agreed on the fact that the first time they did it, it was also the first time they really rested.

By know you should understand why I just had to try.

No matter what you do, being a person is hard, keeping up with work, study, family, taxes and all of your  other responsibilities is tough as well as tiring, and most of us don’t hesitate in turning towards social media, television, and technology in general when we feel like we need a break from it all.

It took me until the next Monday night to finish my research and I decided that Saturday was going to be a  technology free day.

The only technological item I allowed myself to use was my electric kitchen.

The day started off nice and easy.

Luckily for me I had nothing planned and so I didn’t even need an alarm clock.

The harder thing of my morning has to had been be not being able to check my notifications as soon as I woke up.

I didn’t even dare to touch my phone and I went straight to breakfast.

In my usual Saturday morning, I would make some pancakes and tune in to whatever Netflix series I felt like binge watching, but today it had to be different.

I made my pancakes and ate them in my balcony, feeling the sun and the light breeze on my face.

In doing so, I couldn’t help but wonder when was the last time I’d done that.

Of course, I didn’t know the answer to that question.

After taking my time with breakfast, it occurred to me that I could read a book.

When I was young, reading used to be one of my passions but now, I almost always got caught up by social media and television to even glance at my bookshelf.

I picked a book gifted to me by my mother and opened it for the first time.

It was almost as if I had forgotten that feeling of getting immersed in a world inside your head.

The book was started and finished on that same day and I didn’t feel pressured to connect to the internet or look at my phone at all.

The evening came and I was calmed.

I cooked some veggies with soy sauce and had dinner in my balcony once again.

The view from my apartment was so pretty, it was unbelievable that I never stepped outside.

To close my amazing and soul cleansing day up, I decided to try meditation.

Never had I ever thought it could actually be effective but once again, I found myself being wrong.

I meditated for hours, dug into my deepest thoughts and mind and when I finally decided it was time to sleep, I felt good, my body felt light and my brain felt fresh.

In other words, as my research had pointed out, I felt like it was the first time I really rested.

To conclude I will state what you already know: for me, spending a day with no technology was an eye-opening, awe-inspiring experience and I recommend it to absolutely anyone who feels like taking a break.

When you are bored and turn to social media or screens, you usually have a laugh or interact with some people, but you also end up not being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

And the worst thing is you don’t even realize it.

After this day, I am definitely adding this to my monthly routine.